Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Groups C, D, E & F Completed

Group C:
Colombia: 9 +7
Greece: 4 -2
Ivory Coast: 3 -1
Japan: 1 -4

My Picks: Colombia, Ivory Coast

Talk about going down to the wire.  A last second PK (maybe soft, but legit) puts Greece through and eliminates the Ivory Coast.  They really had no business being in a position where 1 goal could eliminate them, they're a better team than that.  Not surprisingly they actually have a better goal differential than Greece but in the end they couldn't get the job done.  I'm surprised how poor of a tournament Japan had, but all the Asian teams seem to be having a bad tournament.

Group D:
Costa Rica: 7 +3
Uruguay: 6 0
Italy: 3 -1
England: 1 -2

My Picks: Uruguay, Italy

Well I got the ranking of the 3 former champions exactly right.  I just didn't see Costa Rica running wild over the group.  Great tournament already for the Ticos and they have a good chance at making the quarterfinals.  England failed, again, and Italy missed the knockout rounds by the skin of their teeth. :D

Round of 16 matchups:
Colombia - Uruguay - Colombia looks like one of the strongest teams in the tournament and Uruguay will certainly be without their bet player.  Colombia easily.
Costa Rica - Greece - Anyone who says they had this matchup in their round of 16 is lying, nobody saw this coming.  Costa Rica is the better team and will carry the CONCACAF flag into the quarterfinals.

Group E:
France: 7 +6
Switzerland: 6 +1
Ecuador: 4 0
Honduras: 0 -7

My Picks: Switzerland, France

Right teams, wrong order.  I didn't see Switzerland and Ecuador tying, which was the difference.  Honduras is the only team in the Americas not to get a win but that's not a surprise.  Ecuador and Honduras are the only teams from the Americas so far not to make the knockout rounds.  The only other team that isn't trough yet is the U.S.. *gulp*

Group F:
Argentina: 9 +3
Nigeria: 4 0
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 3 0
Iran: 1 -3

My Picks: Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina

As expected Argentina ran away with this group.  Nigeria showed they were better than first appearances but they made it a close race with Bosnia.  Nigeria is the first African team to qualify for the knockout rounds this tournament while Iran makes it 0 for 3 for Asian teams.

Round of 16 matchups:
France - Nigeria - This could be a good game but I think France has enough quality to handle Nigeria.
Argentina - Switzerland - Argentina will make it through to the quarterfinals without too much worry.

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