Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Groups F, G, & H After One Round

Getting caught up after a couple of busy nights (US and USOC) so expect a number of posts tonight/tomorrow.  First we wrap up the first round of World Cup games.

Group F:
Argentina: 3 +1
Iran: 1 0
Nigeria: 1 0
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 0 -1

My picks: Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Just about what I expected.  Nigeria confirmed that it wasn't that the U.S. was that good against them, they really were that bad.  The Iran-Nigeria game looked like a 90's era MLS game, I half expected David Vaudreuil to make an appearance!  Bosnia lost to Argentina as I expected but played well enough to show they should be able to take second.

Group G:
Germany: 3 +4
USA: 3 +1
Ghana: 0 -1
Portugal: 0 -3

My picks: Germany, USA

The results could not have gone better for the U.S.  More on the game later, but the perfect day would have been a U.S. win and a German stomping of Portugal and that's what they got.  Throw in the Portuguese red card as the cherry on top.  You never want to celebrate injuries but the U.S. isn't going to be too upset that Portugal is certainly down their other central defender and possibly two other players, plus Ronaldo now sounds questionable.  The only bad news was Jozy's hamstring.  A win by Germany and the U.S. this weekend would be ideal, but a win by Germany (likely) and draw by the Yanks puts us in a very good place.

Group H:
Belgium: 3 +1
Russia: 1 0
South Korea: 1 0
Algeria: 0 -1

My pics: Belgium, Russia

I'm a little surprised that both Belgium and Russia struggled as much as they did, I thought they were clearly the class of this group.  I think Belgium still easily takes first but Russia is looking shaky for second since they have to take on Belgium next.  There might be a chance for South Korea to sneak by them.  Algeria really had no attacking ideas and their 1 goal came from a PK.

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