Friday, June 27, 2014

Rapids Attempt To Extend Their Canadian Streak

Rapids + Whitecaps = Wet

So far this season Colorado has 3 wins in 3 games against Canadian teams.  Tomorrow they try to make it 4 in 4 as the league restarts after the World Cup break.  Vancouver is in town as focus returns to domestic soccer.  No word if Iranian World Cup squad member Steven Beitashour has re-joined Vancouver yet or not, otherwise neither team has players missing for the World Cup.  Game time tomorrow is 7pm so the tailgate starts at 4 and hopefully Colombia - Uruguay won't go into extra time.  Its bahn mi hot dog night at the tailgate.

Disciplinary Report:
SUSPENDED; MF Dillon Serna (Suspension handed down by Disciplinary Committee for tackle in Dallas game)

No, I didn't skip the injury report, there is literally nobody on it.  I can't remember the last time that happened, its been years.  Vancouver has 3 players out plus whatever Beitashour's availability is.  My guess at our XI:

I'm assuming that there's been enough rest that most of the players who went Tuesday night can go again.  Klute wasn't in the 18 on Tuesday night so he might be out of favor and not start.  Otherwise this seems to be the obvious lineup.

Strategic Consideration: Welcome back.  Colorado will need to knock off the rust after some time off.  Vancouver played Wednesday night so they're back into the flow already but they're also tired.

Prediction: 2-1 win, goals by Sanchez and Brown.  Getting Sanchez back will be enough to see Colorado past Vancouver and make it 4 wins over Canadian sides.  The rust means Vancouver will make it interesting but int he end the altitude will catch up to them and allow a winner.

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