Friday, June 20, 2014

Groups D & E After Two Rounds

Group D:
Costa Rica: 6 +3
Italy: 3 0
Uruguay: 3 -1
England: 0 -2

My picks: Uruguay, Italy

So 9 days ago when I said,
The only reason this isn't the Group of Death is that nobody really thinks Costa Rica can take points off the other 3 teams while Ghana could in Group G.
Can we just pretend that didn't happen?  These are not your SnowClasico "Its not fair!" Ticos.  Two former champions down, one (eliminated) champion to go.  Even if England actually rallies (HA!) and beats Costa Rica they've already qualified for the knockout rounds.  Meanwhile Italy-Uruguay is a knockout game as only one of those teams is moving on.  So I'll be 50% right but who cares, go CONCACAF!

Group E:
France: 6 +6
Ecuador: 3 0
Switzerland: 3 -2
Honduras: 0 -4

My picks: Switzerland, France

I was right about Honduras being a thorn in the side of this group as Ecuador had to work to beat them today.  Switzerland has the Hondurans next which gives them the edge over Ecuador having to play the buzzsaw that is the French.  I may have picked the right teams in the wrong order.

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