Monday, June 23, 2014

Groups A & B Completed

Group A:
Brazil: 7 +5
Mexico: 7 +3
Croatia: 3 0
Cameroon: 0 -8

My Picks: Brazil, Croatia

As expected Brazil won this group but surprisingly Mexico pushed them right to the edge.  This isn't the same Mexico team we saw last year.  Mexico, de nada.  Croatia had a disappointing tournament, they had to expect to get more than 3 points out of this set of teams.  Cameroon had a disaster of a World Cup, they've got to figure out how to play as a team.  Their lineup selection didn't help either.

Group BL
Netherlands: 9
Chile: 6
Spain: 3
Australia: 0

My Picks: Spain, Chile

I got Chile right and I knew one of the European teams would win the group I just missed badly on which one.  The Spanish team that had run over everyone (except the U.S. at the 2009 Confederations Cup ;) ) finally reached the end of its line and the Netherlands look like the best team in the tournament.  Australia was never going to get anything out of this group.

Round of 16 matchups:
Brazil vs. Chile - Brazil will win this but not without a lot of work against a strong Chile team.
Netherlands vs. Mexico - Mexico has looked good, but not anywhere near as good as the Dutch.  The Netherlands easily.

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