Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rapids Reserves Draw Fire

There's not much to be said about this game.  Both teams started a second string lineup, played like they were a second string, and got a scoreless draw out of the match.  While it was interesting to see some lesser used players, there were points left on the field last night.  I'm going to save my editorializing on this game until we get through Saturday's game and into the World cup break.  One way or the other there will be a lot to talk about.

My strategic consideration for this game was Quincy Amarikwa.  He didn't enter the game until late in the second half and didn't factor into the result.
  • This was me when I saw the starting lineup:
  • I mean really, only 2.5 starters in the XI?  That's the most second team lineup I've ever seen the Rapids play for a league game.
  • 2 shots on goal combined, both by the Rapids.  Not a single free kick on either side that required a defensive wall or marking off 10 yards.  In short, a midfield battle.
  • Liked what I saw of Neeskens.  He obviously struggled to be on the same page as his teammates, no surprise, but he had good vision and trust.
  • I like Eloundou's energy and drive, but he needs to get a better set of boots.  He still slides around far too much.
  • Mwanga needed to just walk into the locker room when he was subbed off and clean out his locker.  If he couldn't do anything against this opposition (and he couldn't) there's no way he should get any more playing time.
  • LaBrocca is not an attacking player.  Having him up front was a waste.  He shouldn't be a starter at this point.
  • Piermayr hit far too many crosses to nobody.
  • The Rapids were very lucky to get a point.  The mis-communication between Berner and the defense that led to a header on an empty net should have cost us a goal.
  • Had Powers and Serna been subbed on in the 60th minute when Brown was, I think we win this game.  There just wasn't enough time for the 3 of them to play together by the time they all got on.
  • Onward to Dallas, and hopefully three points that makes this point worth it.
Man of the Match: Dillon Powers.  He showed why he's so important to this team when he entered the match.  He calmed down the midfield and controlled play.  Too bad it didn't lead to the winning goal.

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